Before you can make your first booking on ORB (or if you have not used your account with us for a while) please read this information before taking a short test on our terms and conditions of using the service. In order to use the Photography Studios you will need to complete this training with a 100% pass rate.

The Photography Departments Studio and Darkroom opening times are: 

10.00am - 1.00pm and 2:00pm - 5.00pm each weekday except Monday when we close darkroom printing.

When booking a studio please take note of the following terms and conditions.


·      You must bring your UAL Student Card with you.

Please note you will not be able to access the studio without it. If you are using a temporary pass you must bring this with you.

·      The studios are for CSM students only.

Please note if you are booking a shoot where someone else will be photographing they must be a CSM student. We cannot support students from other universities including other UAL sites. If you are found to have brought in an external photographer then your shoot will be terminated and you may face disciplinary action. We have a list of CSM photographers in the department if you would prefer not to shoot it yourself.

·      The main purpose is for Still image.

Please note we are not equipped for moving image as our lighting is flash only and we have no sound insulation. Small clips of moving image within a hybrid shoot situation is acceptable but if you are looking to only produce moving image then please visit Film and Video who will be able to support you.

·      Any cancellations must be done before the slot has begun.

Please note that repeat instances of late cancellations may result in restriction of your access to the facilities.

·      You will lose the booking if you are more than 30 minutes late.

Please note that studio time is in high demand. Repeat instances of no shows may result in restriction of your access to the facilities.

·      You will need to leave and have reset the studios by the end of your booking slot.

Please note this will most likely take you up to 20 minutes depending on the kind of shoot you are doing. You will also need to have downloaded all your images onto your hard-drive if you are shooting tethered. If you run over your booking slot you will be flagged automatically by ORB as you are required to check out with your card. Repeat lateness may result with restriction of your access to the facilities.

·      You will need to report any damaged or broken equipment to a staff member.

Please note that you need to report any damage to any equipment no matter how minor. If you are found to have damaged equipment due to disregard to the terms and conditions then your access to the facilities may be restricted.

·      You are not permitted to bring in any liquids unless you have filled in a risk assessment prior.

Please note that liquid usage must be kept to a minimum due to the equipment within the studios. Any risky activity that is deemed unsafe may cause your booking to be revoked and may result in restriction of your access to the facilities. If you have any particular requests with liquids please speak to a technician beforehand.

·      Any electrical equipment must be PAT tested before it is used in the studios.

Please note that any untested electrical equipment will not be usable in the studio. If you are found to be using any untested items your booking may be revoked and may result in the restriction of your access to the facilities.

·      You will need to bring your own SD Card/Hard-drive.

              Please note we do not have any SD Cards or Hard-drives to loan.  

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